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Jack Flesher

While he considers himself primarily a “Fine Art / Landscape” photographer, Jack has photographed for commercial and corporate clients, led several fine-art photographic workshops, and instructed novice through advanced photographers in a variety of photographic venues. Jack’s work has been exhibited in galleries from California to New York, and the Bibliothèque Nationale selected one of Jack’s images to be part of a collection they procured on “Images of the American Southwest.” Today he remains passionate in his pursuit of creating photographic art and enjoys photographing most anything from architecture and machinery to people and wildlife, yet the natural landscape persists as his favorite subject.



Bettina Steinmueller

Shared since 1973 the photographic work with Uwe Steinmueller. Bettina is more concentrated on the artistic side (colors, composition, content) of the photographs and leaves all more technical stuff to Uwe. Bettina shaped our photographic style in the late seventies. She is also the toughest critique on Bettina's and Uwe's photo work. Bettina and Uwe now work following the motto "Colors-by-Nature".

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Uwe Steinmueller

Uwe Steinmueller (born 1947) started his photography in Germany 1973. He shares a joint copyright with his wife Bettina. First Exhibitions 1978 in Bremen, Germany with photos from Venice, South Tirol, Germany, France. Move to California in 1997, Working seriously on digital photography since 1999. Uwe is today very much also focussed on the digital workflow, raw file processing and the printing process (color and B/W on large format Epson printers with archival inks). Uwe is influencing today many different imaging tools as part of the early testing of these products.

You can find porfolios by B+U Steinmueller at:


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