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About "Digital Outback Photo"

This magazine is an independent magazine fully dedicated to photography using professional digital cameras (often SLRs).

For all content of this magazine the quality of the photo is a main criteria. This includes composition, message, colors, stories and technique.

Most great photos are also technical well created whereas the opposite is not true: There are too many meaningless technical perfect photos. Of course there are many different opinions what comprises a good photo. The reader can make his own judgment whether the selection in this magazine is up to his expectations.

Digital Outback Photo will always judge the quality of a photo by its own merits and not be biased to any technique or brand



Digital Outback Photo is financed by many activities:

  • Selling our e-books and Photoshop Tuning Filters. You help us to run this site by buying these books and filters.
  • Affiliate links (most often with a discount offered). Always try all the products before you buy. We only offer here products from companies that we find deliver good products.
  • Paid advertisements (e.g. Google Adsense but also individual banners). If you click on any banner that is not referring to our own products than consider this either an affiliate link or a paid advertising. Again in all cases (except Google Adsense) we know these companies.
  • Consulting (personal and to companies). Often these contracts are under NDA. Our goal is in all cases to help to produce better photos or photographic tools.
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Writing printed books and articles for magazines

Other Activities

  • We are Alpha or Beta testers for many products. This is in most cases not based on paid consulting. Our goal is to help make better products. It allows us also to provide our readers with early reviews and articles about new developments. This is also essential for writing books.


  • You will find that most of our reviews are positive. This is due to our selection of products. We find it very hard to prove that product A is inferior to product B because all these tests are often very flawed. We consider a product to be good if it helps us to make good or better photographic work. We are not claiming to be a test institute.

Review Equipment

  • Quite a bit of equipment we review is bought by us. This even includes cameras and most lenses.
  • Most common are short term loaners (e.g. cameras and lenses) that are returned to the manufacturers
  • Printers are often long term loaners because we also need them also for our books (printing and workflow)
  • Software are mostly free NFR (Not for Resale) copies. We feature software all the time in books and articles.
  • There are smaller tools (lets say about below $150) and books that may not get returned. We plan to give them to other photographers or dispose them (these items often outdated due to the fast rate of innovations).

In the future we plan to mention in all our reviews the status of the review item (short term loan, long term loan or bought). If we forget this in an article after 12/1/2009 please send us a nice reminder.


Advertisement and Sponsors

Digital Outback Photo funds the magazine from ads and sponsorships. Please contact the editor if you are interested in one or the other role.






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