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Photography, Video & Art

Stu Maschwitz "The DV Rebel's Guide"

This book is about "An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the cheap". We are not making any action movie any time soon. Still this book covers so many aspects of filmmaking in the digital world that is is helpful for anybody trying to use his camera for video. You learn the essentials and Stu concentrates on making good looking movies while keeping the budget low. We also liked the fresh style of the book because it helps to concentrate on the essentials. We learned a lot from this book and will consult it in the future.

Highlighly Recommende


Michael Wolf "The Transparent City"

Read our full review here.

Highlighly Recommended




George Barr "Take your Photography to the Next Level"

George Barr is a regular columnist at Digital Outback Photo. We met in cyberspace because of if his excellent photographic work. In his book George shares a down to earth approach how to improve your photography. This book is not about great cameras and gear. Instead George knows how to pay attention to the small details that in the end make the difference between a nice or a great print. The photos (a language by themselves) in the book are easily worth the price (his photos even got published in "Lenswork"). Learning about George's personal motivation and thoughts helps really to take your photography to the next level. Congratulations George!


Highly recommended


"Nash Editions: Photography and the Art of Digital printing"

About 17 years ago Nash Editions started the digital fine art printing revolution using inkjet printers. We had the great pleasure to meet Mac Holbert at Nash Editions in early 2003. Nash editions produces truly great prints. But most important for us is that they put the artist and photography first. At our visit we enjoyed more great photos than just talking technique. The same with this book. The diversity of pictures in the book are worth the book alone. Then add Mac Holbert's history of Nash Editions which provides a good insight about the challenges of inkjet printing today and in the past. Also the part by Henry Wilhelm is a must read on image longevity. Here is a book that provides great inspiration for all photographers to improve their work using today's inkjet printers. Of course we and Nash Editions know that this is just the beginning of the digital revolution. On the other side there is no reason to wait. If Nash Editions would have waited longer fine art printing may not be at the level we have today. We want to thank them for their contribution towards the Art of Digital Printing.

Highly recommended


John Sexton: "Recollections, Three Decades of Photographs"

All prints by John Sexton in this book are the first time published in a book. The photos show a wide spectrum of photographic styles and John Sexton masters them all. While the landscapes are truely beautiful we are expecially caught by some of his architecture studies. The print quality can only be called stunning.

We link to Ventana Edition where you can order autographed copies.

Highly recommended


Ted Orland "The View from the Studio Door"

We value this book as a sequel to "Art & Fear". Here is a quote that may make you curious: "..Dictionaries maybe perfect for winning Scrabble games, but they tell us nothing about what it means for us to be an artist...."

Highly recommended


David Bayles & Ted Orland "Art & Fear, Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking"

We like this book as it encourages you to make your art your way. They write "CREA**VITY. Readers may wish to note that nowhere in this book does the dreaded C-word appear". This alone may show you the direction of the book and that it is not yet another "art talk". Both authors live as artists.

Highly recommended


Photography Technique and Guides




Peter iNova with Uwe Steinmueller "DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel"

This is the second collaboration of Peter iNova and Uwe Steinmueller. The core of the book is clearly Peter's work while Uwe added some content about Photoshop Layers and RAW processing.

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Michael Frye "The Photographer's Guide to Yosemite"

This year we were the first time photographing for only 3 days in Yosemite. Michael Frye's guide is the ideal preparation for any photographer who does not know Yosemite that well. We found this inexpensive book ($7.95) very helpful to determine the right spots, best time and season to photograph in Yosemite. Frye even shows great places to photograph wildflowers in less well known areas like the Merced River Canyon. The book is very handy and fits easily into your camera bags.

Highly Recommended


Nature Photography (Photo Art)


Arthur Morris "The Art of Bird Photography"

Review Note by Uwe Steinmueller

Even after just browsing this book there is no doubt for me that this is a must have for everyone taking bird pictures. Arthur is one of the most famous bird photographers in the US and the photos show that he is a master. Many also know that he is a Canon shooter (many bird photographers are). But there is also no question that any Nikon, Kodak, Fuji or Olympus photographer can get inspiration from the pictures and then learn a lot from this book. The more I get into birds the more fascinating it gets and one year ago I did not even think of photographing any bird. Actually birds and art fit well together as birds have amazing colors and textures. Needless to say: highly recommended.



coverLarry Ulrich "Wildflowers of California"

Review note by Uwe Steinmueller

This book wants me to spend the whole spring just finding all the beautiful places Larry Ulrich shows in this book (and some places like Pinnacles National Monument and Carrizo Plain we hope to cover this spring). You can easily see that many of his photos make use of large format cameras. All photos are very well composed and show excellent color. It is very easy see the beauty of flowers but it is a very difficult task to portrait them. Larry Ulrich is a master in his field. Highly recommended.



coverCharlie Waite "Seeing Landscapes : The Creative Process Behind Great Photographs"

Review note by Uwe Steinmueller

If you like landscape photography this is a book for you. Even if the book would not contain any text it would be a great picture book to get inspiration for your own landscape work. The book covers a very broad spectrum of landscapes on all continents. The European landscapes (see the Provence photo on the cover) reminded us how beautiful landscapes in Italy, France, Scotland, Spain, ... can be. In some cases the author discusses two different photos of the same subject. Most of the time both examples are very good photos but one captures more the emotional side of the scene. Highly recommended.