Digital Outback Photo
- Photography using Digital SLRs


Digital Outback Photo is open for submissions. At this moment there will be no payment for any contribution.

Rules for submission:

  • For all material the sender has to own full copyright

  • The right to publish this material as part of the Digital Outback Photo web magazine has to be granted for free to Digital Outback Photo The names of the photos must not contain any blanks or special characters (except '_').

  • The sender keeps all rights on the material submitted

Front Page Photos

No people please. Reason I would need a release form and that gets a hassle.

Front page photos should be JPEG files with 500x400 pixels and a JPG 7 compression in Photoshop. We may resize images that are higher than 400 pixels!

Mini Portfolio

A mini portfolio consist of excatly:

  • No people shots or shots of material where you need a release from the owners.
  • The images have to have a theme (but can be e.g. "my best 5 photos")
  • 5x (no more or less) JPG 7 compressed images (500 pixel wide for horizontal shots or 500 pixels high for vertical shots)
  • Image name do not have any blank or special characters (except '_', '-')
  • naming of the photos:
  • xm_img_0n (xm = your initials and n= 1-5)

  • A word ducument with a short text about the portfolio. Would be fine to mention the camera used. Please only mention lenses if they play a special role in some of your images. The text should look like this:


    <image_1> (not the image but a marker where we should include the shots


    About the Photographer (here is your name and if you want your email address)

A DOP jury will decide whether we want to publish the portfolio or not.

Please do not expect Digital Outback Photo to explain why it rejected a certain material.

Send submissions to