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 DOP2010_02: Making HD Videos with your DSLR   

DOP2010_01DE: Handbuch Digitale Dunkelkammer (German)       

DOP3802: The Art of Digital Fine Art Printing 2008

DOP3901: E-Book Bundle 3901

DOP3002-6: The Art of RAW Conversion 2006

DOP3002DE: Die Kunst der RAW Konvertierung 2006 (German)

DOP3001: Photoshop Layers for Photographers

DOP2000: Digital Photography Workflow Handbook  

What makes our books different?

  • We hardly teach what all these tools can do but why we need some of these tools for real world fine art photographs
  • Our main work is to transform our images from reality to vision using our eyes and then of course some tools
  • Then we sit down and share with our readers our experience about this process
  • We live photography and are not just people who promote technology (we think in pictures and not so much in technology)
  • Some writers can write about just everything (and maybe even good at that). We only write about photography and all this is based on our passion for photography. In then only the picture matters.
  • Hardly any other writer has such a strong educational photography web site like we have with Digital Outback Photo.

What do you learn from our e-books?

  • What are raw files and why raw files gets you better image quality
  • What is the responsibility of a raw converter
  • Basic understanding of color management
  • Learn to read histograms
  • The essential workflow steps
  • Mastering your raw converter
  • Adjust exposure, white balance, contrast and colors
  • Essential Photoshop techniques
  • Working with Photoshop Layers (DOP1007 and up)
  • We try to make the workflow as simple as possible but not simpler
  • Pure B&W workflow (DOP1008/DOP1009)
  • We now also support a pure JPEG based workflow (DOP1010 & DOP1011).

These are all statements from our customers or reviewers

"If you are just now venturing into the world of fine art digital photography you can immerse yourself in new knowledge about almost every aspect that I can think of. The photographs on the Outback Photo site are stunning, to say the least! The books and handbooks offer a true wealth of knowledge because they are so well thought out and organized in a concise manner, with numerous examples. There are vast quantities of other resources available as well, through linking to other sites. There are interesting and provocative stories and essays written by both Uwe and Bettina Steinmueller and many others. I first found the site while checking reviews of the Canon Digital Rebel and I haven't stopped exploring ... where do Uwe and Bettina find the time to give so much? They are excellent teachers."

Eleanor T. Culling 2/25/2004

"I purchased and read "DOP 2000 Digital Photography Workflow Handbook".Undoubtedly, it is a great handbook. It covers workflow better than most Photoshop books "for digital photographers" I have read to this day.As you know, most books and manuals simply give you a laundry list of what can be done with such or such piece of software, but few present you with a clear method on how to go from NEF file to print without any random step. So, DOP 2000 was a great help."

Laurent Thérond 2/22/2004

"I have been purchasing the E-Booklets for some time and have never been disappointed. The latest one continues to add new and helpful information. I will continue to upgrade, if not just to show my support for Uwe's fantastic site. We are all lucky to have a resource like this available to us."

Brud Jones, 2/1/2004

"Just bought your latest eBooklet its really great, I am now working in layers much more efficiently. Also now using ACR properly. Good piece of work, well worth the money. "

Gary Yelland 1/3/2004

"Last week my new Fuji S2 arrived and I downloaded your e-book "Managing the RAW File Workflow - Fuji S2". This weekend I started playing with thecamera and your book was invaluable in helping me setup my workflow using Qimage and Bibble. Without your book it would have taken me many hours-days-weeks-months to figure it all out. Your e-book presentation is very clear and well written and I had no problems in following your workflow. ..."

Steve 10/28/2002

"I use a Canon D30 and purchased the "Canon D60/1D: Managing the RAW File Workflow" ebooklet. It is an excellent, well organized and much needed resource for demystifying the linear RAW workflow and is also an invaluable guide for anyone working with nonlinear files. The choice of plugins and actions used in the RAW Workflow guide are all excellent tools that I have
been using for quite some time, and ensure that even novices to Photoshop can obtain the highest quality results from their Canon CRW files."

Elaine 9/30/2002

"Our friend Uwe Steinmueller at has just published the first of their new booklet series titled: "Nikon D100/D1x: Managing the RAW File Workflow" (Nikon Capture 3 Version). This details the right way to get the most out of your digital images from capture to printing. If you've been tempted to explore the power of the NEF (raw files) format but have been overwhelmed by the technical and software aspects of it then this is the answer. This booklet is published in Adobe .pdf format so it can be viewed onscreen or printed and the cost is just $9.95 (now $12.95, regular price 14.95). Uwe will be publishing similar booklets for the Canon 1D/D60 and Fuji S2 Pro in the future."

Steve Sanders, Steve's Digicams 9/17/2002

"Uwe Steinmueller, the publisher of digital Outback photo has now published the first of a series of e-booklets (in printable PDF format). This is titled Managing the RAW File Workflow and covers the Nikon D100/D1x. ... Versions covering the Canon 1D/D60 and the Fuji S2 are in preparation. This is a well done overview of the available tools and techniques for digital imaging processing workflow. Recommended, and good value for the money."

Michael Reichmann, The Luminous Landscape 9/16/2002

Note of Caution

You know there are many viruses on the internet. These viruses are are sent as attachments to an email that even might look as if it comes from our site.

We never send our e-bookles as attachment and/or *.EXE files. All you receive is a link to our web server for downloadable of *.ZIP or PDF files (our server runs UNIX and can hardly get infected).

What to do?

  • Never open an attachment in your email program (download it first and only excecute *.EXE files if you absolutely know the trusted source
  • Use a virus scanner
  • If in doubt send us an email

Payment by Fax and Credit Card Option

You can now order any e-book by sending us a fax order including your credit card information. A handling fee of $3 applies as this is complete manual process (you save time and money if you order via PayPal). We added this option only to satisfy our customers that cannot or do not want use PayPal.

Download Order Form from here and fax it to us.