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Small Butterflies and Large Dragonflies

by Jerry Kumery (Sony Mavica CD1000)
Blues are sparkling gems of the butterfly world. Blues are some of the smallest butterflies. This one is a little larger than a dime.
While observing a small group of varied butterflys favoring a particular weed patch, I sat down amoung it and patiently waited for them to come to me. The most cooperative was this one shown. The second picture is the same Blue, different perch, with the sun reflecting off the iridescence of its upper wing.
Eastern Blue Darner
This group is amoung our largest dragonflies. All are amoung the strongest fliers in the insect world and difficult to catch. Most species are dark brown often with bluish or greenish markings. There are 332 different species recorded in North America. This beautiful Darner tolerated me and the camera's approach.


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