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"Winter Birds of Northern Illinois"

<c>Jerry Kumery (2001)
Sparrows--White-Throated & American Tree

American Tree

This northern species is a winter visitor. Its numbers seems to depend on weather, not on food supply. They roam the snow covered landscape in flocks uttering tinkling calls and visiting feeders.


This very common sparrow is known as a winter visitor and a migrant. During the colder months every hedgerow and thicket seems to be filled with White-throats and on warm days one can readily hear their plaintive song.


This woodpecker is common much over the south but scarcer farther north. Also called the "Zebraback", it is beneficial consuming vast numbers of wood-boring beetles, grasshoppers, ants and other pests. Also feeds on acorns, beechnuts and wild fruit. Also one of the woodpeckers that stores food.


This is the smallest, tamest and most abundant of our eastern woodpeckers. It comes readily the suet racks in suburban yards and is a familiar sight in city parks, shade trees and shrubbery.
Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse


Tufted Titmouse

Titmice are social birds that join with small, mixed flocks of other small birds. Although a frequent visitor to feeders, it is not as tame as the chickadees. It often clings to the bark of trees and turns upside down to pick spiders and insects from the underside of a twig or leaf.

Technical Information


Sony Mavica CD1000, Digital Still Camera.
Recording medium: 8 cm CD-R
Lens: 10x zoom Optical-----20x Digital zoom
Some pics taken with Sony 1.4 tele-extender



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