Digital Outback Photo
- Photography using Digital SLRs

"The real Outback"

<c>by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph & Dr. Nicole Duplaix
Two writers-photographers criss-cross 45,000km of Australia in a Land Rover Defender. Find hundreds of images of Australia and Australian animals and birds, written updates from the road, crucial travel information, prime Australia links, feature stories, and more at

Ayres Rock, or Uluru as Aborigines call it, is one of Australia's most famous landmarks


Some Aboriginal women in the Northern Territory of Australia


Australia's national symbol from a helicopter


A Koala and her baby


Australia's Healesville Sanctuary has a successful Platypus breeding program


A stalking Crocodile


Some of these tracks in the Australian Outback are definitely off-limits to inexperienced drivers!

The magestic Boab of Western Australia - we encountered individual Boab's that were estimated to be 1,000 years old!


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2000-2007 Digital Outback Photo