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"Canada Geese Chicks"

<c>Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller

Since about 3 weeks we follow the nesting of the Canada Geese. On Monday we found the first chicks at Shoreline and then on Wednesday here in Vasona Park. The breeding is often done by a pair of male Geese. One is the guard while the other sits on the nest. If some other male Canada Goose gets close to the nest it is chased by the guard.

Once they have the chicks (in one group we have 10!) they guard both the little ones in the water and on land. Still no other goose might come close.

Actually the goal is to capture just the faces of these lovely creatures and we would love to have longer glass. But on the other side the AF-S 300 f/4 plus extenders work pretty well too.


Technical Information

Nikon D1,AF-S 300mm f/4.0 + TC-14E/TC-20E, NEF converted in Nikon Capture


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