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"Qimage Flower Colors"

<c>Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

There is a lot of talk about the D1, D30 and S1 color. For the D1 there are actually many different color schema available right now:

  1. D1 JPG (this is the color mostly referred to)
  2. D1 NEF converted with Nikon Capture
  3. D1 NEF converted with Bibble
  4. D1 NEF converted with Qimage 2001 v1.5 or later

The results of these 4 different conversions a very, very different. Of course it is up to the different taste which is considered best of class.

Since Qimage 2001 1.5 this question is clearly answered for us: Qimage conversion results in the best color we have ever seen from the D1. We even want to see a camera in the same league (3MP digital SLRs) to better the results we get with Qimage now.

Today we were again at Villa Filoli to capture flower details. This is a strong test for color. All photos presented here were only converted using Qimage and are not modified in terms of color at all.

Giant Red Poppies


Unknown Flower


Bumblebee in California Poppy


If you want to get great color from your D1 use the NEF format and give Qimage 2001 1.5 a shot.

Many of our readers might know that we don't like the user interface of Qimage that much. But if color quality counts Qimage is just what you need.


Technical Information

Nikon D1 + Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro, NEF format converted with Qimage 1.6beta


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