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"Hunderwasser House in Vienna"

<c>Uwe Steinmueller (Nikon D1 2000)
<c> Carl Schofield
The first part is by Uwe Steinmueller followed by additional photos from Carl Schofield.
FYI: The picture above is a photograph from an outdoor poster and perspective corrected in Photoshop.
The Hunderwasser House in Vienna is living art as real people live in the building which is such a contrast to the other faceless buildings in that neighborhood. This photo story does not need a lot of comment as the photos should speak for themselves.
Beside the "Hundertwasser House" there is also nearby the "Kunsthaus" with a quite different and still typical Hunderwasser facade.
Our reader Carl Schofield provided these photos from an Hunderwasser style apartment complex (Nikon Coolpix 950).


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