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"Happy Hollow Zoo" in San Jose

<c>Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller

This visit to the "Happy Hollow Zoo" in San Jose was clearly inspired by Michael Reichmann. We also share the mixed feeling about captured "wildlife". But these are the facts:

  • Zoos are part of out civilization and many try to do their best in favor of the animals
  • Children love zoos
  • The animals are beautiful creatures (as Reichmann states: Personalities)
  • For most photographers it is otherwise very difficult to get that close to wild animals
The "Happy Hollow Zoo" is very small. But this might also account for the fact that children love it there even more as this zoo has a lot of family atmosphere.
All photos here a taken with the D1 and the Nikkor VR 80-400mm lens at ISO 400. In our Canon D30 review we posted some photos using the D30 with the IS 100-400mm lens also at ISO 400. Don't try to compare these images too much as a lot of the differences result from post processing

Meerkats are very cute playful creatures and fun to watch


Dwarf Zebu looks so "melancholic"


Colorful Llama


Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig

These animals might not be as spectacular as Tigers and Lions but as interesting to study and photograph. The only great cat a "Jaguar" was behind glass and difficult to photograph. Fortunately the zoo raises funds to give that Jaguar a better place to live. Michael Reichmann mentioned that overcast days are often better for photography than the harsh sun light. This is especially true for digital cameras like D1 and D30. But overcast days are rare here in San Jose.


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