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"Vienna Details"

<c> Uwe Steinmueller May 2001

Roof of the famous Stephansdom


At this trip to Vienna, Austria I had my D1 and the Nikkor 50mm f/4 + 80-400mm VR lens with me. The VR lens proved to be an ideal travel zoom. All photos presented here were taken with the VR lens and most made use of the VR mode (down to 1/100 sec and often full aperture).

Having a zoom which covers such a wide range (+VR) allows to concentrate on details and there are many, many details to discover in Vienna.


Clock at the Stephansdom


Historical Building near Stephansdom


Church Tower in Downtown Vienna


Shop in Downtown


Colorful Shop


"Tea for Two"


Botanical Garden in Schoenbrunn


Technical Information

All photos were taken with Nikon D1s in NEF(RAW) format converted with Nikon Capture 1.13. Lens 80-400mm VR.


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