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Garapatta Beach (Big Sur)

<c> Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller 2001
<c>Jim Collum 2001

Jim Collum, Bettina and I met some Sunday morning at the Garapatta beach (Big Sur). We were the first people approaching the beach this morning. Before it had just been a playground for pelicans and freezing Gulls. We were equipped with D1x and Kodak DCS 760 cameras. But the main player this morning was the beach itself.

If you ever had the pleasure to drive Highway 1 at Big Sur then you know this is a very special place on earth and you might also realize that capturing its beauty is not a simple task (many facets, the light, the weather, the location,...)

Basically you have many different elements
The Hills

Kodak DCS 760
The Beach

Kodak DCS 760
The Cliff Structures

Kodak DCS 760

The Kelp

Nikon D1x
The Birds

Kodak DCS 760
Jim Collum's Cliff Patterns
Jim was this morning concentrated photographing cliff patterns and we understand why. These photos are interesting in color as well as in B&W


We are very sure that this is a place we have to visit as often as possible: Garapatta is just magic!


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