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Alain's Print of the Month 02/2003

Yucca at Sunrise, White Sands National Monument

by Alain Briot (2/10/2003)

Get your 2200/7600/9600/C9000 profiled

Last month I announced the first "Print of the Month" special offer to make it possible for you to experience high quality digital photographic prints first hand. This offer was for "Antelope Light Dance" a long time favorite image of collectors and of mine.

This special offer was very well received and proved to be a success. I have therefore decided to offer a new print for this month and to give you the same special price as for the first offer.

The image I selected this month is "Yucca at Sunrise, White Sands National Monument". This is a wonderful image created in November 2001 during a photographic expedition to New Mexico with Michael Reichmann, Chris Sanderson and Steve Kossack. This image was featured in the Luminous Landscape Video Journal #4. I also wrote an article about it in my monthly Luminous Landscape column "Briot's View". You can read this article here (link). This article in titled "Seeing the Light: Sunrise at White Sands"

Here are all the specifics of the equipment I used to create this image:

Camera, lens and film: Linhoff Master Technica 4x5, Gitzo Mountaineer carbon fiber tripod and Gitzo magnesium ball head, 75mm Schneider Super Angulon, Fuji Provia in quickload and regular film holders

Exposure was a couple of seconds. This was dawn and although the white sand makes the scene a lot brighter than in other locations at the same time of day I needed to close the lens to the smallest f-stop (f-45 in this instance) to maximize depth of field and insure everything in the image was sharp from foreground to background.

The original transparency was scanned on the Imacon Flextight 3 in 16 bit at maximum resolution. The original file was color corrected in Photoshop and saved to CD at maximum size. I reduced the size as needed for the different print sizes I need and saved it as an 8 bit file for printing. No manipulation of any kind was done to the digital file except for dust removal (done with the clone tool set at a very small diameter) and for curve adjustments aimed at matching the original transparency to the print as closely as possible (I usually get very close in large part because my entire system is profiled).

For this second print in the "print of the month" series I wanted to give you the opportunity to experience a different paper. So, instead of printing it on Parrot Ultra Luster (the paper used for "Antelope Light Dance") I decided to print it on Epson Glossy Paper - Photo Weight (Epson part # SO41388). This another wonderful paper, with a beautiful glossy finish, and comparing this print to "Antelope Light Dance" will allow you to see the subtle difference created by simply changing the surface on which an image is printed.

This photograph comes double matted with a mat cut on my Eclipse Computerized mat cutter.

To place your order just click on the link below and follow the instructions on the screen. You can pay via Paypal, by mail with the order form available below or by phone by calling me directly on my toll free number. All orders will be filled quickly and will ship out a few days after they are received.

Because this is a joint offer between me and a percentage of your purchase will go to and will be used to pay for the costs of running the site and developing the high quality contents that is available to you throughout the year.

And, of course, your purchase is covered by my 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide you do not want to keep your photograph you can return it to me for a full refund. No hassle, no questions asked. Take a full year to decide!

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