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Printing Insights #008

"The State of Fine Art Inkjet Photo Prints"

by Uwe Steinmueller

Photos by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller


In the last couple of weeks I struggled finding the right direction for our fine art prints. Finally we settled for now with the Epson 2000P using pigment inks and fine art papers.

Also the article by Michael Reichmann about "Hand Made" prints explores the state of the art of inkjet fine art photo printing.


Today we visited the Seybold Exhibition in San Francisco and had planned to have a look at Stephen Johnson's gallery in Pacifica after we were done with the show. We knew that he works fully digital with BetterLight scanning backs and does great landscape work. To our great surprise Stephen Johnson had a pretty large photo gallery as part of the Seybold show. The displayed photos demonstrate very fine large format landscape photography combined with great sense of graphical composition.

But the greatest surprise was the fact that all prints were printed with an Epson 9500 printer using pigment inks on watercolor paper. We think that Stephen's exhibition was a very, very strong statement about the state of inkjet prints.

Also the fact that companies like Hahnemühle (an over 100 year old German traditional fine art paper manufacturer) exhibits at Seybold demonstrates that high quality fine art papers are now an integral part of inkjet art prints.

We strongly believe that today's high-end inkjet printers provide artist with more options than ever before:

  • maximum control about the output
  • never seen image quality
  • choice of the finest papers and canvases
  • real longevity (>100 years estimated)


Also in the future we will follow this trend. Even if the results are already amazing this is just the beginning (especially we will see lower prices over time).

Probably you get the impression that we are very excited. You can be sure!

We really can second from our very own experience what Michael Reichmann has written in his article.

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