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Printing Insights #026

Entrada Fine Art Papers by Moab Paper

Santana Row Impressions

Review Note by Uwe Steinmueller

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Fine art papers are expensive and also hard to select. Our classics are Somerset Velvet Enhanced (comes also as Epson paper) and Hahnemuehle Photo Rag 308g (many different OEM names).

At Imaging USA we learned about a new paper: Moab Paper which is distributed by We ordered a selection of their fine art papers:

  • Entrada Fine Art 190
  • Entrada Fine Art 300
  • Entrada Fine Art 190 Natural
  • Entrada Fine Art 300 Natural

First when you compare the normal paper with the "Natural" version you think the Natural might be a bit to yellow. But once you compare it to the Hahnemuehle Photo Rag the natural looks the same and you realize that the white version might be too bright for our taste. That is why we would use the natural version only.

Here is the spec by Moab Paper for Entrada Fine Art 300 Natural:

# Dual sided
# 100% cotton
# Acid free
# No optical brighteners
# Smooth texture
# Natural white
# Water resistant

We like that this paper is dual sided and 100% cotton (brush of possible dust before you print). We have no means to check the longevity of these papers but the spec sounds very good. How were the prints?

We printed color and B&W. Both produces excellent results. We love the smooth texture for B&W. For color the stronger texture of Photo Rag gives as a more painterly feeling of our prints while the Entrada prints look slightly more photographic (it is up to your taste).


  • Allows excellent quality prints
  • about 30-40% cheaper than Photo Rag 308
  • dual sided (nice for portfolios and no wrong guess about the print side anymore)
  • spec indicates good longevity
  • supported in many sizes
  • 190g for portfolio prints

This paper is clearly on our shopping list.

Chinle Digital Book

Chinle Digital Book

Over the last year Moab Entrada paper has become a very popular fine art paper (we are using it too). The Digital Book provides a way to present fine art prints directly in a small book. You can add and remove pages quite easily. The kit includes:

  • Binder (can hold up to 40 double sided pages)
  • 30 pages 8x9" Entrada 190g double sided paper (natural or white)
  • Mounting screws
  • Box for the folder

Assembly Step

We tried the Chinle Digital Book ourselves and liked the result. The limitation maybe for some the size of the 8x8" printable area (although it makes up nice portfolio catalogs). We also would like to see an option of translucent interleaving tissues.

The big advantage of this solution compared to other digital albums is that you can use exactly the same paper for your fine art prints and the book.

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