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Kodak DCS 760 Portfolio

by Uwe Steinmueller @Digital Outback Photo

Also photos by Bettina Steinmueller


Last Updated (06/16/2001)


On Monday we will return the DCS 760. Over the last two weeks we have more and more get used to this really good camera. This page shows a couple of photos we like a lot. We think that many of these photos have portfolio quality and all will easily print at 30x20".

Except of the first photo all images are captured with the IR filter installed.

Using the IR filter is the way to get very sharp photos with also excellent color. Yes, there is a lot of aliasing noise but which is mostly removed by using the Photo Desk "Noise Reduction" option. Also some moiré might show up in photos which can also be reduced by the following Photoshop technique (from the book "Essentials of digital Photography"):

  • Change to lab color space
  • select only channel a+b
  • filter "dust and scratches" radius 7 threshold 0 5
  • Change to RGB

Ristorante in Los Gatos


Art Garden in Villa Filoli


Baby Black Necked Stilt in Palo Alto Baylands


Redwood Trees at Henry Cowell Park


Redwood Tree Trunk at Henry Cowell Park


Barn near La Honda


Abandoned Harbor in Alviso


Abandoned Harbor in Alviso



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