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D1X: "Eastern Sierra Diary"


A diary by Uwe Steinmueller @Digital Outback Photo

Also photos by Bettina Steinmueller


Last Updated (06/29/2001)

This diary is part of the "D1X Experience Report"
06/29/2001 Travel to Mammoth Lakes

Was a nice day and a seven hour drive (including about one hour photographing) from San Jose to Mammoth. In Mammoth I could set up my portable (it just fits into my Subaru Outback(!)) digital studio. Judging the quality of our photos is quite impossible on the uncalibrated Sony Vaio notebook. But we have about 17GB of disk storage and a fast SCSI CD burner in our temporary lab installed.

Tonight we tried our first sunset photos with the D1x. THe Minarets present a very good oportunity for getting into sunset photography. The sunset was kind of average and the moscitos have eaten us live.

06/30/2001 Mono Lake
We visited the Mono Lake County Park where you can watch a lot of the Mono Lake birds.

California Gull catching Alkali Flies (the black ground are flies!)

The best place to photograph tufa is the "South Tufa Area". Had some dust to remove from the sky and background.

South Tufa

07/01/2001 North Lake near Bishop



At North Lake

07/02/2001 Bodie
Bodie was the main reason for our trip to the Eastern Sierra. We love this ghost town. Today we were at 8am the first visitors at the gate. For some time we and the rangers had the town for ourselves. All photos were taken with the AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8 zoom (overall 261 NEFs)



J.S Cain Residence


auto graveyard

Back in Mammoth we got a nice shot of a cute Chipmunk.


07/03/2001 Ancient Bristlecone Pines
The 12 mile gravel road ride to the "Patriarch Grove" was worth it although it was quite cloudy there.

Bristlecone Pines


Bristlecone Pines

07/07/2001 Experience
All the photos on this page were done on the road without a calibrated monitor and no enhacements in Photoshop. Our final experience report will show some crucial lessons learned.
NEF Conversion
All NEF conversion on our trip was done using Qimage 2.22


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