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Nikon Capture 3

Review by Uwe Steinmueller


With the D100 Nikon again introduced a new version 3 of it's NEF conversion software Nikon Capture. Only Capture 3 can read D100 NEF (compressed/uncompressed) files.

Price: $150??


If you know Capture 2 you feel at home with Capture 3 even if the UI looks a bit different and got some improvements.

So read our review about Capture 2 which describes most of the functionality. This review can be brief and focus on some noteworthy changes.


You have to uninstall Capture 2 which is first annoying and second makes comparisons hard.


Paul Caldwell found the interpolation improved as he sees fewer "jaggies".

Noise Filter

The first time Capture provides a user selectable noise reduction tool. Capture 1/2 did only noise reduction behind the scene without user control. As we ourselves only use low ISO photos we rarely make use of noise reduction. Once we (or probably more likely Paul) get new insights about the effectiveness we will keep our readers updated.

Saturation Correction

Capture 3 allows you to lower the saturation (values 0-9). We find the saturation OK most of the time and did not use this tool so far.


That there is not much change in Capture 3 is by no means bad news. Capture 2 was a pretty good tool and got some improvements.

Capture is still the most complete RAW conversion software provided by a camera manufacturer. All other manufacturer solutions not even support monitor profiles (Capture always did). On the other side all the other manufactures provide their software for free.

We expect Bibble also to support D100 NEF files soon and then the race is still on for all Nikon photographers: Bibble or Capture. Best you get both!


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