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Seminar #001: Introduction to Digital Fine Art Photography

by Uwe Steinmueller

August 24, 2002 10am – 4pm
at Calypso Imaging in Santa Clara, CA

Cost: $198
For reservations send email to Uwe Steinmueller

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Registration Fee: $198


The registration process is a two phase process:

  • Send your firm registration to Outback Photo
  • You will receive your confirmation from us to ensure an available seat
  • Make payment (see below). We assume a payment once you receive your confirmation. Otherwise you might lose your seat.
  • We will confirm once we have received the payment
Payment Methods:
a) PayPal


b) send a check about $198 to

Uwe Steinmueller
P.O. Box 24724
San Jose, CA 95154-4724


Return Policy:

As we have to plan the seminar and also the logistics there will be no refund on paid fees. In case a cancelled seat can be filled by other students we might offer a free seat at a later seminar.

There is no problem to name a substitute for the purchased seat as long as we get a notification 24 hours in advance.

In case of a cancellation of the Seminar

In case the seminar gets cancelled for whatever reason all fees will get refunded 100%



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