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Tripods, Monopods, Heads


Monopod: SLIK PRO POD 600

recommended by Andy Kowalewski

I use the SLIK PRO POD 600. It is light and I like the adjustment system. I have tried two other systems, but like this one. My only issue with SLIK is the fact that the mounting screw on top is not a heavy duty steel, but a cheaper metal (I am not sure what kind). My first one got stripped, when I wasn't careful inserting it in the lense mounting ring.

(Editor comment: Like this monopod a lot and Andy helped me with his recommendation. It is a bit heavy but also very stable and long glass is no problem. On top of my monopod is a Linhof quick release (no head).




Bag: LowePro Stealth backpack

recommened by Art Buesing

I use the LowePro Stealth backpack for my D1. I can carryThe D1 body, Tokina 400mm f5,6, Nikkor 20-35mm f2,8, Nikkor 35-105mm Zoom, SB-28DX Flash, Macintosh G3 Powerbook plus all my cards and sundries. The bag works under the seat for air travel. During the week, I leave the Powerbook at home and take my Stealth everywhere I go. On a recent trip to Bosque del Apache NWR in NM I carried my Stealth bag and my LowePro Trekker with my Nikkor 600mm f4 AFS and various other pieces of equipment.


Bag: Kinesis C640 XL Zoom Case + Y515 Padded Shoulder Strap

recommended by Uwe Steinmueller

This is an ideal top loading bag for cameras like the D1 plus lenses like the AF-S 80-200 f/2.8. It can even hold an extra tele extender like the TC-20e. This bag is so useful as for digital SLRs as you want to avoid lens changes as much as possible (dust on the CCD is a #1 issue for many digital SLRs). Yes this is a big bag for a big lens but it is the bag where my D1 stays all the time.




LCD Screen Protection for D1: Hoodcap

recommended by Uwe Steinmueller

The Hoodcap by Hoodman prevents scratching your D1 LCD screen and at the same time allows to control your photos on the LCD. Without the Hoodcap you have the option to risk scratching the LCD or have to remove the cap before using the LCD with your D1. Since I have the Hoodcap I make more use of my LCD (especially histogram view).