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Review Methodology

by Uwe Steinmueller (Editor Digital Outback Photo)


Digital Outback Photo calls it's reviews "Experience Reports" as they are not usual equipment tests. We report subjective findings while using the equipment. The reasons are

  • Other sites perform excellent traditional tests which do not need to be duplicated
  • We believe that a photographer with his mind in "test mode" has problems in concentrating on making meaningful photos.
  • We view equipment as tools to help make good photos and if we can show some nice results it is telling a lot about this piece of equipment.
  • Our domain is outdoor photography where objective tests are hard to perform (light, weather, ...)
  • We might not care about many equipment features as we concentrate to use it for our task at hand and only if we miss something we might look into the issue. We sometimes realize with our own equipment useful features very late in the game and dismiss some other feature which does not seem to be that useful anymore.
  • Over time readers learn how to take assessment of a certain reviewer and understand what it means for them in their personal context.
We will compare equipment but only how we remember or see it in our pure subjective assessment.


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