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Digital Outback Photo Contest #020

Contest May 2006: Downsampling #1

Limited to 8 entries (2 of max 8 entries)

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  A Note on Copyright: This image can only(!) used in the context of this contest and the only site that has the right to publish images is Digital Outback Photo. If you want to use this image for any other purposes (e.g. marketing) you can acquire a license from us.
  There are no prizes for this contest as the evaluation of the results can be too subjective.

This time you only send in a Photoshop action which should only use Photoshop features (CS2 features can be used)

Photo was taken with the Olympus E1:


Your task is to create a Photoshop action with the following properties:

  • Input of the right downsampled image size (for the range of 300-600 pixels wide)
  • Only Photoshop tools are used
  • You grant the free public use of this action
  • You can add a copyright as part of the action set
  • Name the action set like "name_downsampling.atn"
  • Do not send images (we will create them via your actions)
  • Final color space should be sRGB
  • Should work with layered files and 16 bit image
  • Study our action to see how to flatten images and reduce bit depth inside of actions



  • It is your task to create a Photoshop action
  • You can download the original JPEG image (copyright Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller) from here (about 1MB) for your downsampling tests
  • Use only PS for your action
  • Naming of the action: lastname_downsampling.atn
  • Send only the action and your full name to:
  • No frames and no layers.
  Note: As all photos should be in the sRGB color space it is recommended to download interesting samples and view them in Photoshop on a profiled monitor and at larger magnification.
  Sample Entry (by Uwe Steinmueller)

500 pixels wide

300 pixels wide



#01 Christopher Hauser

#02 Davide Barranca


  Thanks to all participants (including all submissions that may not get published).

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