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DOP Interviews #002


Interview with Roman Loranc

interview by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

all images are copyright by Roman Loranc


Self Portrait in Alcove

We conducted this interview with Roman Loranc in his studio in Modesto, CA. Roman Loranc is today one of the top classic B&W photographers in the USA. First he draw attention to his photos of the California Central Valley and later to the amazing photos of Polish churches. We add some of Roman's pictures to present the interview in the context of his amazing B&W work. Of course these small JPEG images don't do the real prints justice. But at least you get an idea how the real prints may look.

Tin Roof and Thunderheads


Merced River and Oaks

Frosted Slough





Here is our interview Podcast (audio 11MB, 25 minutes)

We would like to thank Roman for this great interview.


For more info and work by Roman Loranc visit Roman's website


We also want to thank Paul Kozal for helping us with Roman's images on this page.



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