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DOP Interviews #001


Interview with John Sexton

interview by Bettina + Uwe Steinmueller

all images are copyright by John Sexton


John Sexton

We conducted our first interview with John Sexton. John is a highly regarded master B&W photographer and printer. Bettina and I had the chance to meet John and his wife Anne in his Carmel Valley studio. We add some of John's pictures to present the interview in the context of John's masterful images. Of course these small JPEG images don't do the real prints justice. But at least you get an idea how the real prints may look.

Bell Tower

Fallen Trees Water

Lower Cascade

Trees Blowing Snow

White Boulder


Here is our interview Podcast (audio)

We would like to thank John and Anne for their great hospitality. Below we copy our short review note about John's latest Monograph.



John Sexton: "Recollections, Three Decades of Photographs"

All prints by John Sexton in this book are the first time published in a book. The photos show a wide spectrum of photographic styles and John Sexton masters them all. While the landscapes are truly beautiful we are especially caught by some of his architecture studies. The print quality can only be called stunning.

We link to Ventana Edition where you can order autographed copies.

Highly recommended


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