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Essay #016

Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel

The Digital Camera and the Photographer


written by Uwe Steinmueller (9/15/2003)


We cannot tell how often we mention that the photographer is so much more important than the camera used. On the other side we review more and more expensive gear. This is actually what many readers like: gear.

We find that the Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel is ideal to prove the point. Why?

Film Cameras

Let's first have a look at film cameras. If you are on a budget the rule is for film cameras:

  • Use a cheap body
  • Take the best lenses you can afford
  • Use fine grained film

The lens and the film are more important to the technical image quality than the body. Of course all advanced features of a good camera body can make your life easier to take the shot. But assume you photograph from a tripod than lens and film have way more influence than the camera body features. Here are some features of camera body that make photographing more easy and fun:

  • Viewfinder (single most important feature as it is your interface to composition. We have actually a hard time using any non reflex camera)
  • Metering
  • Autofocus (can make a world of difference photographing action)
  • Frames per second (Just used the Nikon D2h at 8 fpsand it made a big difference in action photography)
  • Flash support (key for wedding, portrait and journalist photographers)
  • Build quality and ergonomics (there are cheap bodies and then there are well crafted bodies that please their user, but both might produce the same level of image quality)

Digital Cameras

Here the world is different. With the camera body you buy the digital image quality (film equivalent) at the same time. That means that until now getting a cheaper camera also ment sacrificing image quality. The Canon Digital Rebel changes this picture.

Now we can discuss why the Digital Rebel is ideal to prove the "It is the Photographer that counts" philosophy.

  • First the 300D is a true SLR and we like SLRs
  • The 300D has a simple body
  • It is probably more rigid than it looks
  • A silver body has no professional appeal
  • The digital part rivals much more expensive cameras (10D, D100, S2, 1D, D1x)
  • Takes all Canon EF lenses (although it might look funny to use it with heavy long glass)
  • It is compact and has low weight
  • Utilizes new low cost compact and light EF-S lenses


Instead of reiterating what the 300D misses in comparison to more expensive cameras like the 10D or even 1Ds we will concentrate on creating some nice pictures.

We actually ordered the 300D and the 18-55mm lens. Finally a serious camera to take around all the time.




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