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Mini Portfolio 1/2004

Portfolio by George Barr


A black and white photographer for 40+ years, going digital meant colour whether I liked it or not, and I started to see colour and look for it and these are some of the results. Colours have been enhanced but not created and it could be argued that they depart from nature but I am creating an image, not a remembrance of a place visited. Like it or not for what you see, not what it reminds you of.

The first four of these was shot with a canon 10D. Two of the images are multi image stitches using PTMac (sim. to PTAssembler for PC’s). The last was from a Sony 707.

This rock fall was interesting in that with the sun out the colour was completely flat while the contrast was high, whereas with the sun behind a cloud, the colour in the rocks came out even without Photoshop manipulation and was further enhanced with it. At no time do I ever use more than about 30 units more saturation but sometimes in doing curves the colours intensify and in fact sometimes have to be toned down considerably after.

I was on a photo workshop (Craig Richards and Keith Logan at Lake O’Hara west of Banff) and while everyone else was shooting the grand vistas, I had the most fun with this small area of lichen covered rock, about 10 inches across.

This is from Dinosaur Provincial Park, north of Brooks Alberta. The image was stitched from 4 10D shots and was marred by a large sign on the point directing the tourists to all the wonders. Fortunately in Photoshop I was able to delete what the parks department had created. This is a wonderful area to photograph, though during the summer be prepared to edit out some scuff marks on the dried mud slopes.

Looking more like a painting and significantly departing from the rather dull, flat original images, I like the effect. The only enhancements were a modest saturation increase and curves to bring out the contrast in a flat lighting situation.

At a weekend getaway with my wife and on a walk around Lake Louise, I was surprised to find this open water and the brilliant water colour which believe it or not was not enhanced for this image - I didn’t need to. I was attracted by the combination of colour and shape.


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