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Mini Portfolio 3/2004

Portfolio by Jack Flesher


The Western Landscape

The Sam Leon Bar, Bodie California. The original is a double exposure taken on 35mm Velvia; the first exposure to get the sunset and the second to get the building under moonlight and fill flash.

The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah. After a lengthy hike up river I captured this image on 4x5 Velvia.

Burning Bush, slot canyon, Page, Arizona. Another double exposure; the first at several minutes for the background and the second to catch the lightbeam at the peak moment. 120 Velvia.

Window Rock, Monument Valley, Utah. A lucky capture. I found this spot and was there just as the sun appeared behind me to light the rock. 120 Velvia.

The Captain, Yosemite National Park, California. Another lucky capture, simply being there at the right time of day. 4x5 Velvia.

I have enjoyed a passionate pursuit of landscape images for the past 25 years. While I have a collection of images taken from locations all around the world, these are a few of my favorites. All of the above images are available as custom digital prints up to 40x50. My email address is


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