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Point Lobos

Portfolio by B+U Steinmueller


Point Lobos

Robert Louis Stevenson called the Monterey Peninsula "The greatest meeting of land and sea in the world." and Point Lobos is the essence of this beauty. After 5 years of many visits at Point Lobos we try to capture our love to Point Lobos in this portfolio.

Land & Sea

Meeting of Land and Sea (Canon 1Ds)

Whaler's Cove (Canon 1D Mk. II)

Old Veteran Cypress (Canon 1Ds)

The Roots (Canon 1D Mark II)

Rock in low Tide (Nikon D2H)

Land & Animals

Pelican Attack (Nikon D1)

Blue Heron (Nikon D1)

Sea Otter (Canon 10D)

Rock Patterns

(Olympus E1)

(Canon 1Ds)

(Canon 1Ds)


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