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Egrets at Baylands in the Morning

Travel Portfolio by B+U Steinmueller


Our friend Phil Lindsay made us aware of a big Egret Rookery at the Baylands in Palo Alto. Early this week we scouted the location and cam back Saturday morning (gates open at 7am, officially later).

There was a group of photographers that features nearly all Canon lenses that make sense in this context:

  • 600mm f/4 IS
  • 400mm f/4 DO IS (we borrowed it a brief moment)
  • 300mm f/2.8 IS (eventually with TC 1.4x, we borrowed it a brief moment)
  • 400mm f/5.6
  • 100-400mm IS
  • 300mm f/4 IS & 1.4x (our combination)

In the end this turned out to be fun and also some images are even quite nice.


We call it: "Follow me"

400mm f/4 IS DO

"Keep clear, I am landing"

Bad Hair Day

Night Heron (see Juvenile lower right, these chicks are demanding!)

Phil and one other photographer showed some prints and they documented many wonderful variations of the nesting period for the Egrets at the Baylands.




Juvenile Night Heron

Adult Night Heron

100% magnification

Snowy Egret

Right now this is the ideal location to practice "birds in flight" photography. We ourselves learned a lot.



All Photos made with Canon 1D Mark II, Canon 300mm f/4, TC 1.4x (except where noted). We use the workflow outlined in our e-books.



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