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Heidelberg Schloss with Canon EOS 20D

note by Uwe Steinmueller

On our trip to Photokina 2004 we were not really prepared to make some serious photos (no time). But directly after our flight we spent the rest of the day with friends that live in Heidelberg. So we had the chance to take some photographs of the Schloss at strong overcast. As camera we had the Canon EOS 20D and Canon 28-135 IS with us. We know that this lens is by no means at top lens but our choice if we plan to travel light. All shots are taken at ISO 400 or 800 and made great test for the 20D ISO behavior.

We hope the images will show that Heidelberg is worth any travel. We especially love ruins. The automatic white balance is not really that much helpful with this light and these objects.

Heidelberg Schloss

ISO 800 at 100% magnification

ISO 800 at 100% magnification

ISO 800 at 100% magnification


Heidelberg is a famous spot and really worth the fame. I had to move to the US to visit Heidelberg :-)


Note: All images were processed with ACR 2.3 and sharpened with EasyS.

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