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Salton Sea: Bombay Beach

Two Photographers, One Scene

portfolios by Jim Collum and Uwe Steinmueller

We (Jim Collum and Uwe Steinmueller) made a brief trip to Bombay Beach at Salton Sea (CA). In the 70s a century tropical storm flooded a trailer park in Bombay Beach and has since been photographed many times. Here is a link to photos by Richard Misrach (1983). Inspired by this and other photos we wanted to capture this trailer park in 2004. Jim and Uwe both selected six photos to present as a trip portfolio (although a lot more work has to be done on all the photos we took).

Portfolio by Jim Collum

Jim's photos are all stitched with the Canon 1Ds and the 90mm T/S lens.

Portfolio by Uwe Steinmueller

1Ds + 70-200mm f/2.8 IS

1Ds + 70-200mm f/2.8 IS

1D Mk. II + 400mm DO

1D Mk. II + 400mm DO

1Ds + 90mm T/S


Fish Bone Gravel, 1Ds + 100mm Macro

We add two shots that we took on our trip back (530 miles on direction)

Jim Collum

Uwe Steinmueller

We hope you like our images. We at least had a great pleasure visiting Bombay Beach.


For more pictures by Uwe check here.


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