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Portfolio Invitation #001: Trees #1

B&U Steinmueller (

Open to submissions, limited to 15 entries (15 entries, closed)
Inspired by a thread in our news group we start the first "Portfolio Invitation" entry: Trees #1


  • Any image that features trees (B&W and color)
  • You send us a JPG image with 600 pixels in the max dimension and compression level 8 in Photoshop (we won't consider larger images)
  • We need your name and camera used
  • Title for the image
  • Optional: One 10-30 words paragraph text about the image
  • Send image to :
  • Color images should be in the sRGB color space
  • You grant Digital Outback Photo the right to publish the image free of charge
  • Only one entry and submission per artist


#1 Karel Sobota, Sony F828



#02 James Memije, Canon Rebel XT


#03 Robin Mellor

Enchanted Tree


04 Robert Tobler, Canon D60

Winter Trees


#05 Andrzej Taramina, Nikon D100

End Of Days


#06 Johan Janssens, Canon G5


#07 Pascal Ducept, Canon 10D

Snow storm at Colorado National Monument


#08 Christopher Hauser, Canon 1Ds Mk2

The Tree's of Westendorf


#09 Michael Cavaliere, Fuji S2

Bare Tree Of Fall


#10 Greg Philpott, Nikon D1x

Barren Trees


#11 Thomas Earle, Pentax 67

Last Stand


#12 Andrew Ilachinski, Canon 20D

Fractal Elegance


#13 Laszlo Pusztai, Canon 1D Mk II

Tree at Dead Horse Point


#14 Steven Snyder

Gilroy Oaks in Fog


#15 Jim Collum

Aspens, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Thanks to all participants!


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