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Portfolio Invitation #003: Flowers #1

Giant Poppy, Nikon D1 (B&U Steinmueller,

Open to submissions, limited to 15 entries (15 entries, invitation closed)
Inspired by a thread in our news group we start this "Portfolio Invitation" entry: Flowers #1


  • Any image that features flowers (B&W and color)
  • You send us a JPG image with 600 pixels in the max dimension and compression level 8 in Photoshop (we won't consider larger images)
  • We need your name and camera used
  • Title for the image
  • Send image to :
  • Color images should be in the sRGB color space
  • You grant Digital Outback Photo the right to publish the image free of charge
  • Only one entry and submission per artist

#01 Amy L. Webster, Fuji S2

Pink Tulips


#02 Antonio Dias, Canon 10D

Sharp Visitor


#03 John Crowley, Canon G6

Anthurium Study


#04 Karsten Schmidt-Hern, Nikon D70



#05 Mladen Sever, KonicaMinolta 7D



#06 Stephen Pace, Canon 10D

Spring Tulip


#07 Michael Cavaliere, Fuji S2



#08 Veit Irtenkauf, Canon 300D



#09 Bob Hicks, Canon 20D

Seeking the Light


#10 Dipak Chowdhury, Canon D30

Almost Sunflower


#11 Tom Pappas, Canon 10D



#12 Sandy Stopford, Canon 20D

Hanging on for dear life


#13 Jason Nichols, Canon 20D



#14 Howard Grill, Canon 1V

Shades Of Pink


#15 Jim Collum, Epson 4870 Flatbed Scanner

Star #1

Thanks to all participants!


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