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Portfolio Invitation #005: Color Nature Abstracts #1

Rock Pattern, Canon 10D (B&U Steinmueller,

1. Submissions closed

2. Gallery open

3. Voting ended. Results published.

4. Top 5 posted below

5. Thanks to all of you!





  • We have time till 8/15/2005 where you can submit pictures
  • We then publish a maximum of 30 pictures that we select from all submissions and post them in a gallery
  • You then vote on these pictures for one week (no reader can see the current results)
  • Voting gets closed
  • We publish the results
  • The winning 5 pictures will be posted on this page
  • The gallery stays open for 2 more months and then gets deleted
  • This page is permanent

Note: All submissions that do not follow the rules get ignored without notice.


  • Any image that features an abstract nature color photo (color only)
  • You send us a JPG image with 600 pixels in the max dimension and compression level 8 in Photoshop (we won't consider larger images)
  • Not people in the picture that can be identified (sorry, we don't want to get into legal trouble here)
  • The image name has to be like this:
    • first_lastname_cameratype_title (no blanks or special characters except "_", all lower case)
    • Try a short title (not longer than 15 chracters)
    • Sample: "uwe_steinmueller_d1x_davenport.jpg
  • Send image to :
  • Subject line: "Invitation #5: " + image filename (naming conventions see above as sometimes the image name gets lost in the email)
  • Color images should be in the sRGB color space
  • You grant Digital Outback Photo the right to publish the image free of charge
  • Only one entry and submission per artist
  • We dod not accept later corrections (too much of a hassle here)

#01 Jay Patel, 10D

Flames of Fire


#2 Jaap Deraat, d70



#3 Nick Rains, d60

Liquid Gold


#4 George Barr, 1Ds2

Wet Shale


#04 John Crowley, 10D



#04 L Isackson, 10D

Sand Hands

Thanks to all participants!


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