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Printing Insights #009

"What Difference a good Printer Profile can make"

Bodie (Nikon D1x)

by Uwe Steinmueller

Photos by Bettina & Uwe Steinmueller

The last couple of weeks we started working with the Epson 2000P printer using the pigment inks. We shared our journey with our readers in this experience report. Finally we got quite satisfied with the results tweaking the printer driver without using profiles.
Now we received profiles from Jon Cone which can be ordered at the InkjetMall. We gave the profile for Epson's Archival Matte paper a test run. The provided PDF documentation is very helpful to setup Photoshop and the printer driver.
After printing some photos with very different color schemes we are really impressed and now understand what we were missing before using Jon's profiles. Most important these profile get you more contrast as they handle shadows much better than with our previous method.
We knew that a correct profile eliminates the guesswork for your printing. The hard part is to get a good profile for the 2000P. Jon's profile for the matte paper is highly recommended.
Here are some use variations
1. As the current Epson drivers don't allow to use directly a setting like "1440 DPI" we tried to fool the printer by selecting the "semi gloss" but using the matte paper profile paper. The photos come out more saturated and even better than using the correct settings. The downside is an even longer print time and probably more ink consummation.
2. In our experience this profile can also be used for other watercolor or matte papers. We know this is not the correct way to go but it is better than to use other tricks and getting as good profiles as Jon delivers is not an easy task.

Actually what we thought was out trick in (1) was exactly required for the 2000P in Jon Cone's manual (I am not too good in reading manuals :-)).

Also there are now many more profiles for other fine art papers available.

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