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Printing Insights #023

Uwe's Epson 7600 Diary

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Diary by Uwe Steinmueller

Get your 2200/7600/9600/C9000 profiled

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4/29/2003 Printing for our new Show
We printed the last days 21 prints at 15" wide and 3 print at 20" wide on Hahnemuehle Photo Rag. We are very pleased with the result and don't regret that we switched from the 7500. Visit us at our new show.

4/1/2003 No News is Good News

We are currently busy to print portfolios (on 11x14" Photo Rag) for two upcoming shows (mostly Earth Frames). We are very happy with our 7600 and do not regret the upgrade from the 7500.

The match between prints on the 2200 and 7600 is very good too. We only use the 2200 to produce 8" wide proof prints on Epson Enhanced Matte paper (the ink cost is much higher on the 2200).


3/19/2003 Setting our new Epson 7600

Last year we bought an Epson 7500 just three months before the 7600 got available. The 7500 would be a fine printer if there would not be the Epson 2200 and 7600. Printing with the 2200 (we own) and the 7500 is no real fun as the prints from the 2200 show a wider gamut and also not such a strong metamerism.

So we had to sell our 7500 (took a big loss) and ordered the 7600. The printer arrived last Friday but unfortunately the stand today.

Mounting and installing the 7600 was very easy and after loading the inks (we started with the matte black ink and also with a 220mm cartridge) we wanted to start printing. The only real challenge was setting up the network connection on Windows (the printer is connected via TCP/IP from a Windows 2000 machine and the client is a Windows XP Pro workstation). Last year it took me many calls to get the networking connection working. Of course I did not remember all the changes. That is why it probably took me about an hour to figure out the right setting (I hope so). The problem is not getting the card working but to avoid that the printer is far to slow (head stops).

As we profile our printers ourselves we get very close results to the prints from the 22oo. For us the 2200 is now the ideal proofing device.

Printing thick 300gr watercolor paper on the 7600 feels much better than feeding that thick paper through the 2200. Now we can fully concentrate on our next show in May. The 7600 is ready for prime time.



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