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Printing Insights #040

Crane Museo Silver Rag Paper

preview note by Uwe Steinmueller


Crane the manufacturer of Museo cotton papers plans to launch a new paper at PMA 2006. Museo Silver Rag is a new kind of paper category. Here are some highlights:

  • Pure cotton rag
  • 300 g paper weight
  • Coated with a transparent satin coating
  • You print with Photo Black (not Matte Black)
  • dmax close to Epson Luster paper with Ultrachrome K3 inks
  • No optical brighteners (natural white)
  • Reduced scuffing

We used some sheets of beta paper and like this paper more and more. It is a good candidate to be our future standard fine art paper. Very good compromise between the natural look/feel of cotton rag papers and a dmax only known from glossy RC papers.

We are sure other paper manufacturers will also introduce papers in this new category. Needless to say that we follow this paper category very closely.



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