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Fuji S1 in Vienna

<c> Uwe Steinmueller


A trip to Vienna was a great test for the S1. Here is my very compact travel set:

  • S1
  • Nikkor AF 35-70mm f/2.8
  • 1GB Microdrive
  • 2 sets of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

I had been about 5-6 times to Vienna before but never had any time to see anything except hotels and crowded streets. This time there was a whole weekend in between meetings and the weather was better than I could even dream of in early March. Public tranportation gets you easily to any place in the town (get a "Vienna Card" which covers 72 hours unlimited rides).

All photos on this page are in original resolution (with some Photoshop treatment) included in the S1 sample portfolio.

The "Schloss Schoenbrunn" was my first stop. The probably in spring beautiful park was missing all green and showed more construction work in preparation of the spring season. But anyway this is definitely worth a visit.


At Schoenbrunn is a very nice zoo (yes, I also find captured wildlife problematic, but still it's creatures are beautiful on their own right). The highlight were the two polar bear cubs. I could hardly stop shooting. Here I actually needed some longer glass and even could borrow a 80-200 Nikon zoom but those photos were not sharp at all. As I was in a hurry I cannot say whether I could blame the S1 (probably not).

In general I checked the histogram very often (like with my D1) and corrected exposure if needed. The metering is clearly not as good as with the D1 but that is no surprise because the S1 is based on a lower end Nikon body.

I think the Schoebrunner zoo is one of the nicer zoos I have seen.

We had already a feature about the artist/architect Hundertwasser in our magazine. This time I could visit the Vienna wate incinerator which was also designed by Hundertwasser. He was a genius and tranformed such an ugly building into human art.



The rest of the first day I spent downtown but I would need many more days to do it some justice.
The little Vienna village "Grinzing" is world famous for its vine restaurants called "Heurigen" and it is very picturesque. The vineyards are probably also very beautiful in fall.
This massive building looks more like a British castle than a building of Vienna. It is a police barrack since about 100 years.
There are so many castles, palaces, churches and other historical buildings in Vienna but I just could visit one more. The palace of "Belvedere" is also a must for a visit. There are 2 palaces ("lower" and "upper") with a large park in between them.
Finally I wanted to visit the "Prater" which is also a world famous funfair. Just as I shot this photo it started raining but I was tired from walking anyway. This photo also shows some aliasing problems with the S1 (color fringing and moires)
Overall the S1 did a good job. It is clearly not a D1 from its handling (but has also lower weight). The colors are more filmlike. It is up to your taste whether you like it or not.


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