Digital Outback Photo
- Photography using Digital SLRs


Digital SLRs Compared by Uwe Steinmueller
last updated 06/03/2001


This page list issues with the digital SLRs Uwe Steinmueller has reviewed so far.

  • Nikon D1
  • Canon EOS D30
  • Kodak DCS 760
  • Olympus E-10
    Fuji S1
All cameras only get used with the highest quality setting available (most cameras support raw format). All comments are based on subjective experience and not on charts. I know this page will find a lot of critique but it presents only my personal view which might or might not help others. On the other side I get questions to compare these cameras all the time and the following table is only intended as some guideline.
We also collect readers subjective comparisons between two or more of these cameras.
Any comments and request for additional criteria please mail to Uwe Steinmueller


DCS 760
Experience Reports
Nikon D1
Canon EOS D30
Kodak DCS 760
Olympus E-10
Fuji S1
Fuji S1 2nd Opinion
Resolution 2.7 Mega Pixel
2000x1312 pixels
3.25 Mega Pixel
2160x1440 pixels
6.0 Mega Pixel
3040x2008 pixels
4 Mega Pixel
2240x1680 pixels
6.13MP interpolated
Color Good with Bibble (some have trouble) Quite saturated (some like it better than others) Good Good Very Good
Color Profile

RAW: unknown

unknown none (sRGB)
unknown close to sRGB
Resolution OK Good Very good Good OK
Shadow Details OK Very good Very Good OK OK
Noise Low Low With AA filter ok up to ISO 200

More noise than D1
and D30

some aliasing
ISO 200-1600 (Banding at 800-1600) 100-1600 (Noisy at 1600) 80-400 (Noisy at 400) 80-320 320-1600
RAW available (bit depth) yes (12 bit)
3.9MB per file
yes (12 bit)
3.5MB per file
yes (12 bit)
5.4MB per file

yes (10 bit)
7.6MB per file (big)

Sharpness Needs Unsharp Mask Needs Unsharp Mask Needs Unsharp Mask Sharp from the camera Needs Unsharp Mask
Software Nikon Capture with some flaws, Bibble and Qimage as good third party software Only Canon SW which is flawed Kodak Photo Desk (needs improvements) As we don't use
RAW there is no
need for it so far.
As there is no
RAW there is no
need for it.
Work Flow Good with 3rd party sofware Very cumbersome No PS plug-in supported yet Working with JPGs
is easy (except of JPG
Good (use of standard SW)
Speed Fast sequences possible, good action camera slower than D1 not an action camera slower than D1 not an action camera OK OK
Buffer Size 10 RAW photos 3 RAW photos 12 RAW photos ??? not tested
Dust Big issue, Sensor Swabs not approved, Needs sometimes Nikon service. Seems to be less an issue (experience will tell) Gets dust, but Kodak approved Sensor Swabs (they are actually Kodak products) Should be not an issue
as lenses are not removeable
Very sensitive to dust (even more than with the D1). Sensor Swabs supported.
Autofocus Good (very fast with AF-S lenses) Good (not as fast as D1) ok with AA filter OK OK
Metering Good (very consistent) Good (a bit less consistent than D1) Good (need exposure compensation) Good (a bit less consistent than D1) OK
Lens compatability Nearly all Nikon lenses can be used Many Canon lenses can be used Nearly all Nikon lenses can be used Built-in lens and wide angle and tele adapters Nikon
Cannot use AF with AFS lenses and VR is not supported
Focal Length Multiplier (**) ~1.5 ~1.6 ~1.3 N/A as no interchangeable
Image Stabilisation 1 VR lens (80-400) Range of IS lenses 1 VR lens (80-400) no no
Viewfinder Very good Very good Very good OK OK
LCD Good Good OK OK (can be tilted and used for focussing) OK
IBM Microdrive compatability Some have trouble, slow write speed No trouble reported, better write speed than D1 No problem (allows 2x1GB) Not supported by Olympus (we used it with success) Yes
Battery life OK Good OK 4xAA Ni-MH about 100
photos (cheap solution)
OK (with NI-MH)
Power Up Fast Very slow Slow Slow Slow
Flash external flash only, Some report flash problems (*) Nice internal flash, use with external flash gets great reviews (*) external flash only (*) Nice internal flash (*) internal flash
Handling Excellent Good Good Good Good
Size Big but ok OK Very big Small for an SLR OK
Weight Heavy Light Very Heavy Light for an SLR Light
Ruggedness Very Rugged OK Very Rugged OK OK
Fully Professional YES Targeted for Prosumers YES NO (but for many prof.
areas useable)
No (but for many prof.
areas useable)
Sample Photos Photodotcom D30 Photos DCS 760 Photos E-10 Photos S1 Photos

(*) We have very poor experience with flash ourselves. So the statement reflects trusted other resources like Rob Galbraith or Neil Turner.

(**) As the CCD has a smaller size as 35mm film images shot with these cameras appear like shot with higher focal length. A high multiplier allows extends the reach of tele lenses but gives some trouble with wide angle lenses.