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Seminar #001: Introduction to Digital Fine Art Photography

by Uwe Steinmueller

August 24, 2002 10am – 4pm
at Calypso Imaging in Santa Clara, CA

Cost: $198 (Register here)

For reservations send email to Uwe Steinmueller

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  • Introduction
    o About Uwe Steinmueller Photography
    o About Calypso Imaging
    o The goal is fine art prints (not images for the web)
  • Some examples (shown in the room)
  • Digital Cameras
    o Most things are the same as film + scanning
    o Differences to film
    o Not only the number of pixels count
    o The current market cameras
  • Nikon D1x, D1h, D100, Canon D60, 1D,Kodak 760, ProBack
  • Digital Cameras in the field
    o The multiplier
    o Exposure (know your histogram)
    o WB
  • From Camera to Computer
  • Digital Darkroom basics
    o Color Profile for Beginners
    · Monitor profiling
    · Printer Profiling
    · Camera profiles (see later)
    o Photoshop basics
    · Changing brightness and contrast (Levels & Curves)
    · Correcting & Enhancing color
    · Sharpening
    · Retouching
    · Know the difference between 8 and 16 bit data
  • Some Photoshop techniques and tools
    · Removing Color casts: iCorrect Editlab
    · Selective Color Corrections: Color Mechanic
    · Sharpening: Nik Sharpener
    · Resizing
    · Moire removal
    · Actions by Fred Miranda
  • RAW file conversion
    o Why RAW files?
    o Sensor basics
    · Bayer Pattern
    · Artifacts
    o Color Depth
    o White Balance
    o Sharpening
    o Camera profiles
    o Noise Removal
  • Some RAW conversion tools
    o Kodak Photo Desk
    o Nikon Capture 2
    o Bibble
    o Canon Tools
  • Digital Workflow
  • Printing
    o Longevity
    o Printing with Lightjet
    o Printer Profiles
    o Upsampling
  • Q&A

Logistics: We will have some drinks. Please bring your own lunch.


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