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Visible Dust Sensor Loupe

report by Jim Collum



In my previous review on the Delkin Sensor Scope, my conclusion was that the only part of the kit that was useful was the Scope itself. Well, Visible Dust has released the Sensor Loupe to fill in that market void. In the meantime, Delkin also decided to sell their scope as a stand-alone product.

Both products did the job… however the user experience was markedly different. The Visible Dust’s  Sensor Loupe was a joy to use. The lens used for magnification was glass, and there was a noticable difference in image quality. In addtion, the actual focussing of the Loupe was easier. Delkin’s Sensor Scope had a base that fit into the lens chamber. I use a Canon 1DsMk2 with a full frame sensor, and getting to see into the corners was a difficult task with Delkin’s product. Visible Dust’s Loupe does not have this problem. You hold it above the lens chamber, and can easily orient it to look into any part of the sensor. The Visible Dust Sensor Loupe sells for about $73 (US), while the Delkin Sensor Scope Single sells for $89.99. Not only does Visible Dust provide a higher quality product, it sells for less.  Frankly, even if the prices were reversed, I’d still pay more for the Visible Dust Sensor Loupe.


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