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Lowepro Nature Trekker AW II

review note by Uwe Steinmueller (11/09/2003)



A camera bag just seems to be a bag. Not quite so. We find it very complicated to find the right bag. Why?

  • Has to fit like a glove to your body
  • Size
  • Has to be weather resistant
  • Has to rugged (I not that friendly to my bag while hunting for photos)
  • What is the total weight with equipment
  • You might carry it a long way

For a nature photographer I think the only option is a backpack. End of 2000 we faced the decision which backpack and we opted for the previous model of the Nature Trekker. Whether you like a backpack or not only experience can tell. The Nature Trekker easily withstands the test of time. We have even a definition for our equipment to carry. If it does not fit into the Nature Trekker it has to stay home or in the car. This also includes lenses: Every lens that does not fit mounted on the camera into the Nature Trekker will not get bought. Unfortunatly the Canon 400mm F/4 IS DO fits and now I have to save to buy it :-).

Some months ago we upgraded to the new Nature Trekker AW II. There are some nice improvements:

  • builtin rain cover
  • better adjustments for the shoulder straps
  • better sealed against rain

We would like to see one improvement:

  • we would like to have the waistbelt removable

There are products that feel "ok" and then there are those that feel "right". The Nature Trekker AW II feels right!

Highly Recommended
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