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Crumpler Bags: Transport your Gear in Style

report by Uwe Steinmueller



Crumpler bags look different than most of the other photo bags, we would call it more stylish. We checked out the model Keystone: Backpack for notebook and camera.

Build quality and use

The Crumpler bags are very well build and are also rugged. Carrying the backpack feels comfortable even with our 15" MacBook Pro inserted.

Padding on the back makes wearing fun

Pouch with MacBook Pro

Secured camera compartment


There is no way to open the backpack from the back side. This means thieves have a hard time getting to the content without ripping the whole backpack from your shoulders. The downside maybe that it takes some more time to get to your cameras. Bettina all the time reminds me to watch her backpack for open zippers (we had our special experience in Barcelona). There is not need to watch the Keystone backpack.


We use the Keystone bag all the time for trips to our printing studio. Because we don't like to leave computers in the car we often carry it for quite a while. Just love this bag.


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