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Digital Outback "Workflow Technique "
Submission rules

This series is about everything that improves your digital workflow:

  • makes your workflow faster
  • gets better quality
  • allows new content


  1. It is up to the editor to decide which submission will be published
  2. There might be no reply to your submission
  3. It should be original content and not just copied from a textbook. If you use textbook techniques and improve on them then we need the reference and might even need the textbook author's permission
  4. The submission has to be written in a way that we can publish it without a major rewrite.
  5. By submitting the article you grant Digital Outback Photo the right to publish this content free of charge
  6. The copyright of all images that are part of the article need to be owned by the submitting person.
  7. The submitter grants also Digital Outback Photo to publish the submitted article free of charge in other form (book, e-book(let)). Digital Outback Photo will then give credit to the submitting person.
  8. The submission has to include all images and actions that are used in this article.