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Workflow Technique #003

"Adding Black Definition "

Konzept by Michael Kieran (presented by Uwe Steinmueller )



Thanks to Michael Kieran the author of the excellent book "Photoshop Color Correction" (see below) we can present this very interesting technique to our readers.

Sometime photos lack some what I call "black definition" and I even tried to modify profiles to reach this goal. That is why I am so excited about Michael's method.


Pebble Beach Rocks


The above photo is an example where I would like to get some little extra black definition.

  • Open the photo in Photoshop and make a duplicate (Image->Duplicate..)
  • Convert duplicate to LAB (Image->Mode->Lab)
  • Select original photo
  • Select from Image menu "Apply Image"
  • Select in the drop-down box the LAB converted image "Copy Image in LAB"
  • Channel "Lightness"
  • Blending "Multiply"
  • Opacity 5-20%
  • Hit "ok"

This is an easy and very flexible method the get this little extra black definition.

Michael thanks you!


coverMichael Kieran "Photoshop Color Correction"

Review Note by Uwe Steinmueller

Color correction is key for a successful work in the digital darkroom (means mainly in Photoshop). With this book you can find all you want to know in one place. The book starts with an introduction to color management. This is good as there is hardly any judgment on colors possible without a decent color management setup. Also topics like contrast and sharpening are covered in depth. Both factors influence strongly the perception of colors. We always wanted to find a good way to improve the contrast by getting some more black definition for some of our photos. Kieran's book got us the answer. Highly recommended.


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