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Workflow Technique #009

"theimagefactory Photoshop Plug-ins"

review by Uwe Steinmueller



Today Michael Reichmann published a review about some of the Photoshop plug-ins sold by theimagefactory. This reminded us that we had planned to inform our readers about theimagefactory products for quite some months now. We will have a look at three of their filters.

Note: Always try the filters before you buy. We only report about filters that fit into our workflow. You have to decide whether these filters fit:

a) into your personal workflow

b) fit into your budget


Most filters work on Mac/PC and are also nearly always 16bit.

B&W Conversion

B&W Conversion Filter
There are many techniques (and also plug-ins) available to convert a color image to B&W. The plug-in by theimagefactory is among the best we have seen so far. It support endless possibilities to control the B&W result. We very much like the presets for some typical B&W films (e.g. Tri-X). Once you have found your favorite tweakings you can save the settings and recall them later for other conversions.
Color Equalizer

Color Equalizer

The Color Equalizer is a very unique filter as it allows you to enhance the saturation in a selective and easy way. We like this one a lot and it might be our selective saturation control tool of choice from now on.
Graduated Color

Graduated Color

The Graduated Color filter is also quite a nice tool and can improve images with some boring washed out sky. Our only complaint is that the gradient always covers the full image. We hope a future version will let us control where the gradient starts.


We recommend the filters by theimagefactory.

Note: We will make rarely comments on pricing anymore as our readers have to decide for themselves what fits into their budget. We only present solutions that we like to use ourselves based on the quality of the products.

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