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Workflow Technique #011

"Chromasoftware: Photographic Filters"

review by Uwe Steinmueller

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Recently a new Photoshop filter "Shadow Control" got some positive attention at the Luminous Landscape. The newcomer Chromasoftware seems to be busy producing several new filters.

We just got in a new filter called: Photographic Filters


Photographic Filters with Cokin presets


The initial idea was to produce the digital equivalent of the popular Cokin filters and the plugin comes with many Cokin presets.

But most importantly you can produce your own settings and presets. The delivered presets are a good starting point for your own settings.

The Photographic Filters plugin is easy to use and yet very powerful. Basically there are seven settings to control the effects:

Grad Checkbox Grad filter yes/no
Grayscale Grayscale conversion
Hardness Defines a hard or softer gradient transition (only if grad is selected)
Strength Strength of the filter
Offset Defines the center of the gradient
Color Filter color (use stronger color as it can be toned down by strength)
Rotation Allows to tilt the offset


We will probably use the filter mainly for colored gradients. Here is an example.

Bodie Museum

These kinds of photos are quite common and the blue sky is quite boring.

Hardness set to maximum 1.0

As the first step you can select a filter color. The we set hardness to maximum to easier set the gradient center and tilt.

Softened Gradient

We then soften the gradient and set the strength. The resulting photo is clearly an improvement.

Filtered image

Also if you like the filter effect you can save the settings and recall them later.

We have seen many filters of this kind. But the "Photographic Filters" are so far the most easy to use and yet even more powerful than other gradient filters. Also the price at $34.95 is very reasonable (works even on 16bit images).

Highly recommended.


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