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Workflow Technique #012

"S-Curves revisited "

note by Uwe Steinmueller

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Some time ago we looked at improving contrast by using S-Curves. We also found that this could improve saturation. But what if we want improved contrast and no saturation boost (actually means shifted colors).


Instead of using S-Curves directly we create an adjustment layer with curves and use our p3 curve (see here)

Contrast enhanced by curve p3

While enhancing the contrast we also get a yellow color shift which we do not want in this case.

Change Blending Mode to "Luminosity"


Blending Mode changed to "Luminosity"


We can remove the color shift by changing the blending mode of the adjustment layer from "normal" to "Luminosity". Unfortunately layers only work with 8-bit but also gives us much more control.

Note: the subtle changes are hard to see on small images and on the web. Best you try it yourself with an image that needs a bit contrast boost.


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